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Medical Pet Boarding

Medical Pet Boarding

It can be difficult leaving your pet with someone else while you are away, especially if your companion has medical issues. In today's post, our Milledgeville vets explain what medical pet boarding is, and how it can benefit your pet.

Boarding Your Pet

Pet boarding facilities are no longer the dingy and grim places they once were. These days your cat or dog can have fun socializing and playing while you're away, while also having a relaxing vacation in a clean, fresh-smelling facility complete with plenty of love and attention.

The options for boarding pets range from spa-like facilities that pamper pets and doggie summer camps to medical boarding for animals that require extra attention. Of course prices for these different levels of care also range from affordable to extravagant.

If you are trying to decide which boarding facility to take your beloved pet to, be sure to check out a few different places in your area to find a facility that suits the needs of your pet and your pocketbook.

Medical Pet Boarding

If your pet is suffering from an illness or injury, medical pet boarding is an ideal option while you travel. These facilities will care for your pet, making sure they receive the love and attention that they need and deserve. 

The vets and nurses at these facilities will provide constant care and provide any medication or specific care your pet needs.

Your pet may also require a stay at a medical boarding facility following a medical procedure or operation so they can be monitored for a few days.

If your pet has any health complications while you are away, they will be able to receive the immediate care that they need from professionals.

Choosing a Boarding Facility

You want to choose a boarding facility that will best suit your pet so that you and your companion can be as comfortable as possible.

The first step of the boarding process is asking the right questions and identifying what's most important for your pet, as this information can help you decide on the best option. Start by researching the facility online and looking over their online reviews. Then you will want to contact the facility to ask questions. Before you call, prepare a list of questions, both general and specific to your dog’s needs.

Some general questions could include:

  • What pet care background, certifications, education, and expertise does the facility or individual have?
  • What is the ratio of the dogs per staff?
  • How often are the facilities cleaned?
  • What is their screening process for identifying pets with behavioral issues?
  • How many animals do they put in a playgroup?
  • How much playtime and exercise will they get?
  • How are animals grouped together? (by size, age, temperament, etc.)

If you can, take a tour of a dog boarding facility that you’re considering. While visiting make careful observations to determine if this is the appropriate boarding service for your dog.

Here at , we offer general, and medical pet boarding for cats and dogs. Our knowledgeable veterinarians and nurses will provide your pet with excellent care and will administer your pet's medication on the same schedule as when they're at home.

Are you looking for a medical pet boarding facility for your cat or dog? Contact our Milledgeville vets today to ask about availability.

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